Monday, February 21, 2011

Seminar on the Gospel of John

Harry Anderson wrote a commentary on the book of John and form February 7 to 11 he presented lessons from John's gospel to 192 area preachers, teachers and any one interested in learning. It was a great week of making new friends and fellowship with evangelists on the front lines preaching God's Word to an area of India that is about 89% Hindu. In the course of the week 10 souls responded to John's gospel through Harry's expert command of God's Word. I posted three blog entries on our journeys down to the river to baptize. In this blog entry I wanted to post some photo's of the seminar and also the way our Indian brethren honored us "Indians style" at the conclusion of the week. In Paul's letter to the Romans he says, "Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor." (12:10 ESV) Enjoy the photo's:

The roof of the School and Children's Home was transformed from concrete with half constructed pillars to this really nice meeting place. The School is on the highest ground in Rajahmundry and from the roof you can see many miles.

 The first day of the seminar had a strong turn out and Tuesday four baptisms! I'll never forget this gentleman's smile when he came out of the water and I held my hand out to him. That's the smile of some one who has just been born into Christ.

 They erected a tent in the adjacent lot to feed all the attendees. The kids ate there with them during the week of the seminar. They had a great time in fellowship and every night I saw groups of three or more sitting in a circle with their bibles and notebooks on their knees ready to discuss the days lecture. They have a zeal for knowledge.

Here are a few of the photo's taken during the week:

 Harry preparing his thoughts for the day.

 Not every one paid attention.

 These preachers all work in the same area.

 These shades are just cool!!

 The ladies really paid close attention.
 Lunch is served.

 Children came from school to see the end.

 Harry, E. Abraham and family. Son Baptized this week


 She was trying to sneak a picture.

I call her sweetie.

Tons of notes were taken.

 She just wanted her pic taken!

On Friday they honored Harry and me with garlands and everyone had a great time ending the week of good bible study and ten baptisms with a show of love and fun!

 We thought we were receiving a (one) garland

 Okay, it's awkward, but we survived!

 But they weren't finished!

 Everybody wanted in on the the flowers.

 And more...

 and more...

 And the kids....

 and the teachers...

 Sudarsana and Elizabeth with a blanket...

 Bobby and Swetha...

 We couldn't move!!!!

 Laughing because they want Harry to stand!

 It was a group effort...

 These garlands are real flowers and heavy!

 Harry prayed beautifully as always

 Harry honored Elizabeth.

 Everybody was so very nice.

We're seeing these preachers again at their villages

 This brother was very nice and wanted a picture.
"Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor." (12:10 ESV)

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