Thursday, February 24, 2011

Church Building Dedication

We were surprised when Sudarsana, Elizabeth and Bobby showed up Sunday night, February 14. Their grandson, Cyril, had recovered from his bout of dehydration and Bobby drove all night from Hyderabad to get his parents home.  Also, Raja and I arrived home very late from the meeting in Singampally and Monday morning Harry was feeling well enough to get out of bed. So, everyone was back and ready to work, if maybe a little tired and weak from the weekend of preaching, travel and sickness. Monday, February 15 was a very important day for Sudarsana and the church in Seetanagaram.

It wasn't a very long drive to Seetanagaram and it was a beautiful day to dedicate a new church building. The church members have been waiting two years for the "official" dedication and it was a festive atmosphere.

They actually finished the building construction and began using it in 2008. They waited for Harry to dedicate the building because he and Sudarsana began the work there in 2001 and Sudarsana wanted Highland Heights church of Christ to be honored. Harry had to postpone his visit until this year due to his wife Carolyn's bout with cancer, which she has survived by God's grace to the joy of all who love her dearly.

In 2001 Harry Anderson held a meeting there and 300 people were in attendance. There were people from every religion and denomination present. They counted 50 denominational preachers! There were only two baptized believers when they began to meet regularly. Raja organized the evangelistic effort over the past few years and preaches there regularly.

In 2002 Sudarsana bought property in a centrally located area of the town across the street from the bus station. From 2006 to 2008 he had a two story building constructed with a meeting hall on the top and stalls on the bottom to be rented out to local businessmen. One of the stalls will be kept as a library and resource room. The rent will help to support the local preacher, congregation and evangelism efforts.

 Very festive
They now have a regular attendance of 50. One of Raja's responsibilities is to train local preachers, so they have an associate preacher who lives in Seetanagaram named A. Bapuji who ministers daily to the congregation.

Harry and I were warmly welcomed and given a tour of the property. There is a huge back yard that will accommodate a large tent for big meetings, weddings, lectures and other events. In 2001 they had to rent a hall for their meeting.

 Huge back yard!

We went up to the door of the church and unveiled the plaque that commemorates the event. After the ribbon was cut Harry and I spoke on the importance of using what the Lord has provided for the glory of God, encouraged them in the Lord's work and the opportunity's they will have to evangelize.

Personal note: Now I have my name on two buildings in the Andra Pradesh state. Of course, I'm riding Harry's coat tails, but it's still pretty cool!

This congregation is going to do great things in their town and I hope to see it grow through the years. We will certainly all be praying for them.

 Stalls to be rented to business'

Cutting the ribbon

 The congregation assembled

All dressed up for the official opening

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  1. The work being done there is truly a Blessing from God. Thank you, Brother Tim and Brother Harry, for your part, in helping to bring "The Good News" to some new converts and to the encouragment for those that have already been working in the Lord's Kingdom. Your own blessings will be forthcoming in His eternal Kingdom if we remain faithful to the end.