Monday, February 21, 2011

A Birthday Party

On Tuesday night, the week of the seminar, a couple who attend the meetings here, Babji and Anitha, brought new clothing for all the 42 children at the home. Dhruva, their daughter, was having a birthday Wednesday and they wanted us all to come. They requested that Harry and I present the clothing to the children, so Harry said a nice prayer for them and their child and we handed out the clothing. These children have very little and what they do own is worn and patched. The school provides them with a uniform that only costs $4. They were excited!

 The next day during lunch we went the couples house to celebrate their daughters first birthday. The mother is still a Hindu, but she is close to excepting the truth. I've never seen a party like this. They ushered Harry and I on stage with the family and Brother Rao, who has done this many times. He read something out of PS 127 and then he asked Harry to pray for the child and family, which Harry did. I was thinking, "I'm next." So, I began composing a prayer in my head. Well, brother Rao turned to me, with hundreds of people all there looking at the two white guys and the nice couple with their little girl on stage, and said, "Please say something about the little girl and her birthday." Man, talk about being put on a spot! I think I did okay. I commented on how great a community of friends and family they had and yada yada yada. Then after I had scraped by, by the skin of my teeth, he said, "Now say a prayer for the Dhruva and her family!" I had already used up every good thought I had! LOL!!!! Then we ate, as usual. I was wrong to think I would lose weight in India! The kids all looked spectacular in their new clothes and they sang happy birthday for Dhruva.

 Aren't they pretty in their new clothes?

Brother Rao being eloquent.

 Mom wouldn't let me eat with my hands.

 This young man took special care of Harry and me!


 View of the festivities from the roof.

 Children waiting their turn to eat.

 The birthday girl!!

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