Thursday, February 24, 2011

Corection and update to Singampally

Correction to Meeting in Singampally:
On February 25, 2011 Harry interviewed brother Koteswara after a meeting. It seems I misunderstood that he was taken to a Hindu temple and held when it actually was a preacher from a denomination who was held in the temple, manhandled and forced to denounce God. Our brother Koteswara went to the temple and fought for the mans release, and won!  

Update: In the process of the interview we learned that the extremist Hindus had harassed them in several ways. One of the three temples is practically next door to their home where he conducts services on his porch. The Hindu's blasted vulgar blasphemies at them when they are worshiping, they cut their water lines, they banned anyone in town from allowing them to buy food, and they came to their worship services and screamed in his face to intimidate him. They also advertised that drugs were put into the wine for the Lord's supper and their women were being forced through drugs to convert to Christianity!

He finally got the political man of the village to work with the only authority in the town to investigate. They covertly investigated for six months and found that the church was being terribly harassed. One individual that the Hindus brought in from another town was jailed for 12 days and the authorities demanded peaceful relations. While the investigation was ongoing, brother Koteswara was working.

Through all of these trials he continued to teach the message of Christ as our redeemer to anyone he could get to listen. He baptized a man from one of the extremists families, then his wife and children. He has baptized some of the persecutors wives! When their husband would not give them permission to go to worship, they went anyway (that's a big deal here. wives have to ask their husbands to go places). They respect him more than their husbands. It's his humble nature that makes him a valuable leader. It wouldn't surprise me if he converted the whole village! I can't wait to get him that bicycle. I'd buy him a scooter if I could afford it!

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  1. Let me know when you get home, brother. Thanks for the updates here during the trip. I hope you'll just keep right on blogging. ---JLP