Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kitchen Help

Brother Rao's wife Elizabeth has the daily chore of cooking for around 60 to a couple of hundred people every day plus 62 widows. The older girls at the Home help her and learn valuable lessons about responsibility. The food is great! I thought you might be interested in seeing a kitchen in an Indian home with a few of the cooks and helpers.
 Elizabeth, brother Rao's wife.

 Home has raised her from little girl after her parent died. 

 Chief chef!

 These stinkers were trying not to smile!

 Swetha, she's bro Rao's daughter-in-law.

 Davya, she's kinda shy.

Rekha, she lost the use of her legs to polio as a small child.


  1. Thanks sister! I'm working on editing and uploading some video clips, but boy is it slow!