Saturday, February 12, 2011

Down to the River AGIAN!

Harry's seminar on the gospel of John has been abundantly fruitful. Three more lost souls who have been attending local services were inspired by Harry's teaching in Johns gospel. Back to the river we joyfully went for the third time this week to witness three new births into the kingdom of God!!

This trip was a little different because there were several sand boats unloading where we have be baptizing, so we moved down to where there are steps leading into the water. At the other end of the steps is a Hindu temple. It was the middle of the day and crowded, so this small group of Christians drew a crowd.

Two ladies and the youngest son of E. Abraham, a local gospel preacher, were baptized. V.S. Rao once again had the honor of immersing them and brother Abraham led us in prayer. Three joyful souls came up from the waters grinning and ready to begin eternity at the feet of the Master! What a great week its been witnessing ten people, some former Hindu's, confess Jesus as the Son of God, our Lord and Savior and obey the gospel of Christ!


  1. Thanks Kimberly. I preached in a small village this morning with 70 members and had three responses. Unfortunately, the place where they baptize relies on the power to be on and, as you know, they periodically cut power. It should be up in a couple of hours and they will be baptized. I would've liked to be there, of course, but I have gospel meeting tonight and we had to leave.

  2. Beautiful pics and even more beautiful news!