Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

I’m hearing Peter, Paul, Mary and John Denver singing “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane” so it must be tomorrow that we soar through the sky at mach .8 (587 mph) for Chennai. I’m surprised that, although I’ve been preparing weeks for this journey, I have so much left to do tonight! Of course, I’m on my laptop now when I should be packing. Friends and family have been calling to say goodbye and encourage me with words of support and prayers for our success and safety. Harry and I have made our last arrangements and synchronized our watches, so the next phase of the mission is ready to start… lots of travel.

24 hours and 35 minutes to Chennai India! But who’s counting? Are we there yet dad? Only four of those hours are layover in Dallas and London when we change planes. Actually, I don’t mind long flights and the company I am keeping on this trip is superb. While preparing for the trip Harry referred to me as a “young whipper snapper” and himself an “old codger.” That’s one of the many reasons I love Harry; who else would refer to a man nearly fifty years old as a young whipper snapper!? The other reasons are too many to list and I would just embarrass him anyways, but suffice it to say, he’s “been there and done that” with God’s will always first, everybody else second and himself last. Harry began a “Make a Difference (MAD)” class at church and he lives it first, then he teaches others. I’m sure it is going to be a great trip!

Hopefully, I will be able to update the blog on Sunday after we go to worship in Chennai. Monday we check in with the embassy and get our malaria pills, then we’ll catch a train for another eight or nine hours of travel to F IN A L L Y arrive in Rajahmundry. I have heard nothing but wonderful praise for brother Rao and his family and I look forward to meeting him and especially working with him for the Lord.

Please keep us all, including Debbie and Carolyn, in your prayers and I will post again on Sunday.


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  2. YAY for long flights!!! You may think you have enough to entertain you and it is a plus that you have a travel buddy, but I can almost guarantee that you will get bored at least once!! Good luck! We'll be praying!...Sorry that previous post was from me...hehe I had a Santa blog set up for my under my account. So, it's just me if it ever says Santa:).

  3. Tim we are thinking about you and the LONG travel time you are enduring. Just read your post of Thurs. night before leaving on this long journey. May God be with your and your traveling friend. Love, Granny Jo or S'Mom

  4. Neat pictures Tim. Hope you are not getting to tired out. Looks like the locals love you guys..I do hope you are getting enough rest. Great looking place to plant the seeds of Christianity or in some places maybe just needs more water and sustenance where they are already chhristians. God be with you and your traveling friend that the word may sink deeper into the country as a whole.
    Love, S'Mom

  5. Good morning or actually good evening to you. Hope your day was a success.